Leather Ever After is a Samois Anthology Award FINALIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m so thrilled to announce that Leather Ever After is a FINALIST for the National Leather Association- International Writing Awards in the Anthology Category!!!!  I’ve just emailed the fabulous Leather Ever After contributors with the great news. I’m so incredibly proud of this fun little book! Do you have your own copy?


(Columbus, OH) — National Leather Association: International (NLA-I), a leading organization for activists in the pansexual SM/leather/fetish community, announced today the finalists for its annual writing awards. Named after activists and writers Geoff Mains, John Preston, Pauline Reage, Cynthia Slater, and the groundbreaking organization Samois, they are awarded annually to recognize excellence in writing and publishing about Leather, SM, bondage and fetishes.

The finalists for the Cynthia Slater Non-fiction Article Award are:

My tantric “awakening” turned me off sex by Janet Hardy appeared March 15 in Salon (www.salon.com)

“Feminist” Backlash Against BDSM by I.G. Frederick appeared in FEMALE FIRST onOctober 15 (www.femalefirst.co.uk)What Some Women Tops and Bottoms Have in Common by I.G. Fredrick  appearedOctober 12 in BDSM Book Reviews (www.bdsmbookreviews.com)

The finalists for the Geoff Mains Non-fiction Book Award are:

Tied for first place: The Artisan’s Book of Fetishcraft: Patterns and Instructions for Creating Professional Fetishwear, Restraints and Sensory Equipment by John Huxley (Greenery Press)

The Kinky Feminist by F.R.R. Mallory (self-published)

Biker Bar: Bikes, Beer, and Boys – a playful look at the roots of the leather bar byThom Magister (Perfectbound Press)

The finalists for the Pauline Reage Novel Award are:

The Killer Wore Leather by Laura Antoniou (Cleis Press)

The Blacksmith’s Daughter by Chris Bellows (Pink Flamingo Publications)

Tales from the Arena Playing for Keeps by Elizabeth Schechter (Smashwords)

House of Sable Locks  by L.M. Somerton (Total-E-Bound Publishing)

Dangerous Affairs: DANGEROUS SUBMISSION by Lori Toland (Loose Id LLC)

The finalists for the Samois Anthology Award are:

Hell On Wheels: Disabled Dominants, ed. Raven Kaldera (Alfred Press)

Kneeling In Spirit: Disabled Submissive, ed. Raven Kaldera (Alfred Press)

Leather Ever After: an anthology of kinky fairy tales, ed.  Sassafras Lowrey (Ravenous Publications)

No Safewords, ed.  Laura Antoniou (Cleis Press)

The finalists for the John Preston Short Story Award are:

Mr. Smith, Ms. Jones Will See You Now by D. L. King from the anthology Ageless Erotica, ed. Joan Price

Imperfect Journeys by Peter Masters, self-published

The winners will be announced at the National Leather Association’s Annual General Meeting, which will be held this fall, date to be announced.

For more information about the awards, please contact the award committee chair, pyxy, at nlai.awards@gmail.com

new review!

mainheaderHands down one of the best and most in-depth reviews of Leather Ever After we’ve received so far!   It’s always exciting to be reviewed by someone within the kink community who is able to understand the nuance of what is going on within a particular story!  Curious about Leather Ever After? Check out this fantastic review that goes through each story!

If you are a blogger or publication interested in reviewing the anthology please contact editor Sassafras Lowrey for information about receiving a digital review copy LeatherEverAfter AT gmail.com

Rainbow Awards!

Leather Ever After

Leather Ever After which also released this year has received an Honorable Mention in the Rainbow Awards! In talking about the anthology, they said of the stories “some were truly erotic and very sexy…. others were complete kink.”  I didn’t know what I was doing when I began editing Leather Ever After in that I’d never done an erotic book before, and I only marginally consider myself to be an erotica writer. I’m not interested in weather my readers “get off,” I’m interested in the storytelling possibilities of the erotic world, and in particular BDSM. With Leather Ever After when I was compiling the stories, I was especially interested in the ways that as queers we build relationships and connections which sometimes draw upon erotic exchanges, and how those stories can be overlaid onto traditional fairy tales. This was a really fun book to put together, and I’m thrilled that it was honored in the Rainbow Awards! Want your own copy? Order here


Leather Ever After in USA Today!

So excited that Leather Ever After is getting  fun coverage in USA Today! Check us out in the “Happy Ever After” Book section! You’ll see Leather Ever After and get a peek at a few literary items on my bucket list! Click here and scroll down to the bottom!

Once upon a time, in a dungeon far, far away the kinkiest writers in the land were summoned to pervert beloved fairy tales with tales of dominance, submission, bondage and surrender. In these stories twisted princesses take control of submissive princes, witches play with power and fairy tales come to life in our homes and dungeons…. Get your own copy today! 

Reviews of Leather Ever After!

Oh! So it looks like Leather Ever After has been getting a lot more reviews on blogs and things than I had realized: I’m working on updating the reviews page ::points above:: but until then here’s some new  reviews for you to check out! Also in the last week i’ve sent out lots of review copies of the anthology so expect more updated reviews in the very very near future!

Butch Femme Kink: https://www.butchfemmekink.com/blogs/post/237 (you have to create an account to login)



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Let Mama read you a story …

A blog post about the PDX Leather Ever After Book Release

by Sossity Chiricuzio

Having long admired the writing and activism of Sassafras, and even longer enjoyed the mix of the study of human nature and magic that well written fairy tales offer, I was overjoyed at the chance to submit a story for “Leather Ever After”. I had a bit of an idea of what I wanted to write about, but I wasn’t exactly sure what would be the best fit. After perusing some of the classics, and some of the less known but sometimes more potent fairy tales, I was surprised to find myself considering the often done and Disney commodified “Cinderella”. I’m not the type of person to dream of princes and ballgowns and being swept away to live in a giant castle. If anything, I’m very proud of my peasant blood and working class background and non-traditional relationships … and that’s when I realized why it was the perfect tale for me to pervert.

Gender roles, the haves and have nots, the idealized couple scenario that is supposed to fulfill Cinderella once the prince chooses her … I couldn’t wait to flip it. I worked my way inside the story and began searching for cracks to let my story seep through … and there it was. Genderqueer heroine, class struggles, overcoming dysfunctional family, finding the way to self through the magic of a Sacred Whore, opportunities galore to challenge stereotypes and proscribed roles … a mission worth undertaking. And a mission it was – I’ve never worked so hard or researched so much for a story before. The structure of a fairy tale is particular and, I found, different than any I’d worked with before. I wrote and edited and researched and edited so more and slept on it and walked away from it and edited some more. It had it’s way with me, thoroughly. Like the best of scenes, it was challenging and rewarding, all at once.

Having this story accepted for publication was thrilling and such a validation, and if the story had ended there I’d have been content. However, just 2 nights ago we held the Portland book release for Leather Ever After, which was many lovely things, but personally, the most magical moment was when I read my story “Cinderfella” aloud to a diverse crowd of deviants, all gathered around respectful and appreciative, rain drumming down on the roof and the sound of collective intakes of breath, sighs of recognition and resonance, shifting in seats and murmurs of pleasure or surprise. My mama self gathered power like a well sunk down to the deep blue sea, and the story flowed forth, just as it meant to from the very beginning. It felt like the truest magic of a fairy tale, thick with possibilities, layered with truths, holding space for what has been as well as what could be – such a gift to be a part of that experience, and channel that story that wanted to be told …